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Canadian Rowing Beach Sprints

Description of Event: 

Beach sprints are a relatively new form of competitive rowing, having been first raced in this format in 2015.  Beach sprint rowing consists of a running component (approximately 50 metres) followed by a row in a coastal boat of 500m (250 m out into the sea or lake through a slalom course and then return  to the beach), and finished with an approximately 50m through the finish enclosure.  Only one member of a crew has to run – the other members wait by the boat sitting in the water while the one member is running and all then jump into the boat and start rowing the course.  Only  one member runs back through the finish line once the boat has reached the beach on the return leg. 

Beach sprints is  knock-out match style racing, whereby two crews race against each other with the winner advancing and the loser knocked out of the competition.  The competition starts with a time trial whereby the fastest crews advance to the next round while the remainder are out of the competition. 

Beach sprint rowers have to know how to handle rough water conditions and be adept at turning the boat as the crew has to manouever through  a slalom course with buoys and a 1800  turn at the half way mark. 

All equipment for this event is  provided by the Organizing Committee.  The OC will  provide the appropriate coastal boats and oars for this event.  Register now on! 

2019 will also host the inaugural World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals to be held in Shenzhen, China.  The 2019 Canadian Rowing Beach Sprints will follow a similar format to the World Rowing Beach Sprints .  More information on the World Rowing Beach Sprint finals can be found at


Date and Location:

The inaugural Canadian Rowing Beach Sprints (CRBS)  will be held at Lakeside Park Beach in St. Catharines ON, Canada on Saturday, August 17, 2019.   

Entry Deadline:

Entries can be done through Regatta Central.  Entry deadline is August 8, 2019.


Events and Entry numbers:

The following events will be contested at the inaugural CRBS: 

CM1x  (men’s solo) – maximum number of entries:  12

CW1x: (women’s solo) - maximum number of entries:  12

CMixed2x :  (mixed doubles) – maximum number of entries:  16

CMixed4x+:  (mixed coastal quads with coxswain – 2 female and 2 male rowers; coxswain of any gender)  - maximum number of entries – 12



All boats and oars are provided for this event.  You just need to register for the events you want to enter and bring yourself! 

Age  and Weight Categories: 

All events are open – there are no age or weight categories for this event.

Coaches and Participants Meetings: 

A preliminary coaches and participants meeting will be held on Friday, August 16 at 19h00 at Lakeside Park Beach. 

The mandatory coach/participant meeting will be held at 07h00 on Saturday, August 17. 


Training Times: 

All equipment is supplied for this event, so training will be limited.  There will be a training session on Friday, August 16, 2019 from 16h00 to 19h00 for competitors to come and try the boats.

There will also be a short training session on Saturday, August 17 from 07h15 to 0815am.  Competitors must register by email to if they would like to train during this period. Indicate if you would like to use a C1x, C2x or C4x+.  Since there are a limited number of boats, we will allocate short training periods to accommodate as many crews as possible. 


Parking for the Event: 

There is major construction work on the Port Dalhousie pier which is taking up much of the parking area at Lakeside park,  so parking will be limited.  Participants are encouraged to ride share to the event and/or cycle or take public transportation.  There is parking on the surrounding streets. If ride share is not possible, we are asking participants to park and gather at the St. Catharines Rowing Club and then carpool in one vehicle to Lakeside Park. 

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Coastal Boats for Sale: 

A number of the coastal boats used at the event will be for sale for pick up after the conclusion of the Canadian Rowing Beach Sprints.  Please contact for further details. 

Single-Use Plastic Free Event:

Please note that this event will be a single-use plastic free event.  No single use water or other beverage bottles will be allowed on site.  Plan to bring your own re-usable water bottle(s).  A potable water truck will be on site during the day to provide drinking water for participants and spectators. 



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